Provide quality technical environment to produce skilled technicians

कुशल तंत्रज्ञ तयार करण्यासाठी दर्जेदार तांत्रिक वातावरण उपलब्ध करून देणे


M1: To create value based education
मूल्यावर आधारित शिक्षणाची निर्मिती करणे

 M2: To educate students about their professional and ethical responsibilities

विद्यार्थ्यांना त्यांच्या व्यावसायिक आणि नैतिक जबाबदाऱ्यांबद्दल शिक्षित करणे

 M3: To prepare students to be lifelong learners

विद्यार्थ्यांना आजीवन शिकण्यासाठी तयार करणे

 M4: To prepare students to meet the latest trends in the industry

उद्योगातील नवीनतम तंत्रज्ञान पूर्ण करण्यासाठी विद्यार्थ्यांना तयार करणे

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)


  • PEO 1:- Provide socially responsible, environment friendly solution to mechanical engineering related broad -based problems adapting professional ethics.
  • PEO 2:- Adapt state-of-the-art mechanical engineering broad-based technologies to work in multi- disciplinary work environments.
  • PEO 3:- Solve broad-based problems individually and as a team member communicating effectively in the world of work.


Program Specific Objectives (PSO)

  • PSO 1: Modern Software and Hardware Usage:Use latest Mechanical engineering related software’s for simple design, drafting, manufacturing, maintenance and documentation of Mechanical engineering components and processes
  • PSO 2: Equipment and Instruments:Maintain equipment and instruments related to Mechanical Engineering
  • PSO 3: Mechanical Engineering Processes:Mechanical Engineering processes by selecting and scheduling relevant equipment, substrates, quality control techniques, and operational parameters.


Program Outcomes (POs)


  • Basic and Discipline specific knowledge:-Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and engineering specialization to solve the engineering problems.
  • Problem analysis:- Identify and analyse well-defined engineering problems using codified standard methods.
  • Design/ development of solutions:-Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the design of systems components or processes to meet specified needs.
  • Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing:- Apply modern engineering tools and appropriate technique to conduct standard tests and measurements.
  • Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment:-Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.
  • Project Management:-Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about well-defined engineering activities.
  • Life-long learning:-Ability to analyse individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.


Name Of Course

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

No.of Faculties


Total No.of Labs


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Staff Profile:-



Name of Staff






Mr. Survase S. B.


BE(Mech),ME(Design Engg.)




Mr. Jain A. A.


BE(Mech),ME(Heat Power)Appear




Mr. Momin M. M.


BE Mech




 Mr.Sawardekar M.A.    Lecturer               BE Mech         7Yrs


 Dinesh Pawar

 Mr.Pawar D.T.


              BE Mech          7Yrs



 Mrs.Varpe S.G.   Lecturer               ME Mech           9Yrs
     7 Borate Sir Mr.Borate V.D. Lecturer             ME Design      9Years
    8 Pawar Sir Mr.Pawar S.A. Lecturer         BE Mechanical        5Year
     9 Sutar Sir Mr.Sutar R.H. Lab Assistant    Diploma Mechanical        6 Year

Staff Group Photo


Photo Gallery

Mechanical Engg Gallery

Mechanical Dept. Labs
Name of Lab Laboratory Photo  Aprox.Equipment Cost
Engineering Mechanics Lab(101) Mechanics Lab   65286/-
Fluid Mechanics & Machineary Lab  Fluid Mechanics Lab  200600/-
Industrial Fluid Power Lab  Hydraulics Pneumetic Lab  170000/-
Strength of Material Lab  SOM Lab  422700/-
Measurement & Control Lab  MAC  201800/-
Theory of Machine Lab  ToM1  61530/-
Thermal Engineering Lab  Thermal Engineering  187116/-
Engineering Metrology Lab
 IEQ  106514/-